Bison Archeology Website • DayCreative

The team at Bison Archeological Consulting Services, Inc. (formerly BCS Archeology) contacted DayCreative in late 2013 to rebrand their existing website. At first we felt like we may have the chance to work with Indiana Jones – but as it turns out, the Bison Archeology team does not have a pension for recovering Biblical or Nazi Era artifacts (as far as we know). In fact, Bison Archeology specializes in site inspections, testing, and mitigation for a number of different industries; ranging from Native American Tribes and Agencies to Energy Companies and Real Estate Developers.

With the wide range of industries that Bison Archeology serves, the main goal of the website was to create unique pages for each industry to communicate the value the company could provide in each sector. Upon visiting the site, you’ll notice that we created a small film strip-like horizontal bar that spans the width of the home page. Ideally a potential client would visit the site, and select their industry to learn about the unique value propositions Bison Archeology can offer their company. These industry-specific pages can also be used by Bison Archeology in the future in industry specific marketing campaigns, that can direct the users directly to the industry page itself.

The company has been in business since 1982, so we wanted to capitalize upon its existing reputation. We created a “Client Testimonies” section of the home page, which cycles through a few of their past client’s quotes. Because the website was developed with a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), the staff will be able to periodically update these quotes with fresher content themselves. We provided them a ‘How-to’ PDF document, as a resource to empower them to update the site in the future – complete with easily to follow steps and screen shots of the backend of their site.

We also included a secure portion of the site for the Bison Archeology staff. Since they spend a good majority of their time in remote locations, they needed a cloud-based solution to upload and share documents, as well as a centralized place to communicate with each other. We created a password protected page that will enable the staff to those ends, and linked it to a Dropbox account for any larger sized cloud storage needs. We also set up the site with a Google Analytics account, so that they could track their website’s visitors and leverage that information for future business growth.

The Bison Archeology site is a great example of how DayCreative can design a site built around a company’s unique business needs, that is still eye-catching and engaging website. Visit the site today.