Fresh From OK Logo • DayCreative

Fresh From OK is an Oklahoma family farm cooperative startup, that provides pasture-raised 100% grassed or grain-finished American Wagyu and Angus-Cross Beef, without medicated feeds, growth hormones or antibiotics. Their goal is to provide the highest quality beef to high end chefs and consumers across the region and nation.

DayCreative began this project by creating a distinct logo that Fresh From OK could utilize in their marketing and sales efforts. By designing a logo that incorporates a simple butcher’s illustration of the location of different cuts of beef on a cow and an outline of the state of Oklahoma, anyone can tell that this company specializes in cuts of beef from the state of Oklahoma. We chose a primary color of green to illustrate that these cattle are raised on grass. The logo and color palette transferred seamlessly onto business cards and note pads that the staff could begin to use immediately, in establishing brand awareness across the state and region. We are really pleased with how this logo concept transferred over into the designed logo and brand.

We are also in the process of creating a more extensive marketing website presence, but have set up a simple landing page for the time being here.