Green Okie Logo • DayCreative

Green Okie is an Oklahoma-based company, which designs and creates custom Pergolas, Decks, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Kitchens, Fencing, Sheds, and Outdoor Furniture.

In the initial design consultation with the client, he wanted a logo that would be ‘eco-friendly’ to reflect the company’s sustainable focus. He communicated to us that he wanted the logo to, “feel like another character in the font set”. It needed to be simple, and translate into black and white easily. He also desired that the logo be transferred onto his pergolas by means of an actual branding iron. This meant that the logo had to be simple enough to be viewed from far away – as well as the ability to incorporate the “.com” for marketing purposes. It also needed to emphasize the state of Oklahoma. After the logo was finalized, we crafted a more cohesive brand through his printed pieces (business cards, yard signs, truck magnets, brochures) and website.

For the website the client wanted a site that would be simple to add their own pictures and content, and would be a great source of potential client leads. We created a responsive designed site, which looks great on web and mobile devices. In addition to designing the site to fit within the established visual Green Okie identity, we chose to highlight the company by emphasizing photos of their work, which the client could update periodically as they completed their projects.

We also created a custom Instagram filmstrip, which would auto-update any time the client took a picture of their project’s progress on their mobile device via the Instagram app.  This enabled their website to highlight their most current work easily, without even accessing their website content management system. We created a ‘Contact Us’ form directly on the main page of the site, so that it would be as easy as possible for the user to contact the client, and we also incorporated an interactive Google map onto the page for the user to local their workshop and office.

The website launched in August 2013.