Haundo Cattle Company Logo • DayCreative

Sometimes a nickname can be the source of a unique company name. Haundo Cattle Company is a producer of high-end American Wagyu Beef. American Wagyu Beef is a type of beef, which is similar to Japanese Kobe Beef. One of the business parner’s nickname is “Hound Dog”. The Japanese word for “Hound Dog” is “Haundo”, which is the origin of the Haundo Cattle Company name.

Keeping in mind the creative name, DayCreative was approached with the desire to create a distinct company image which needed to be a marriage of Japanese and Oklahoma. Upon examining the final logo, one can notice that the font choices reflect that desire. The primary font has a script-like appearance, similar to if one were to write with a bamboo reed. The secondary font is more of a slab-serif Western font. Choosing a primary red color for the mark also hints at the Japanese connection, as well as supporting the fact that Haundo Cattle Company specializes in beef producing. When placed on a black background, this logo becomes very eye-catching.

We are excited for what the future holds for the Haundo Cattle Company, and look forward to our continued partnership with the two owners.