JTC Tradesmen Development Booklet • DayCreative

JTC Tradesmen Development is a company who specializes in supplementing commercial general contractors’ skilled tradesmen needs, while simultaneously building careers for their employees. Since 2007, they have aspired to be the best provider of superior skilled tradesmen to medium and large commercial general contractors in Oklahoma and beyond. They use a unique system designed to allow motivated individuals who desire to prove their work ethic with a fast way to gain experience, while supplying valuable manpower to their clients in the commercial construction industry.

As a start-up company with unlimited growth potential, the JTC team was looking for a creative partnership that could create a comprehensive, custom-designed business identity. They envisioned their website as a hub for their potential employees and commercial builder clients. With those two distinct clients in mind, DayCreative created a website that directed visitors to the site according to their needs. We highlighted why JTC was the best fit for their business or employment, and created simple contact forms for the visitor to interact with the company directly from any page.

Taking it a step further, DayCreative developers created a custom web application for the website. This enabled the client to receive job applications from employees, filter them for job interviews, and create a custom online resume of their skills and job performance – all through their website. This resume was made available to the commercial builders clients, so that they could actually hand pick their desired workers. As the company continues to grow, this web application will be of tremendous value by saving the client untold hours of administrative time.

To support the website, DayCreative created custom pieces to attract both potential employees and commercial builder clients. We created a 16-page booklet the client uses as a primary form of communication in their builder prospecting meetings. The feedback from this booklet has been of tremendous value to the client. DayCreative also created a custom job-fair booth design, which the client is using at job fairs and conventions to increase his online employee applications.

The JTC Tradesmen Project highlights DayCreative’s ability to create highly customized pieces, to cater to our clients’ unique business needs. We are proud to invite you to visit the JTC Site today.

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