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Based in Mannford, Oklahoma, MBO Networks provides wholesale network capacity solutions to carriers and other telecommunications companies, in addition to commercial network private line services for large business clients with statewide networks. MBO Networks continues to provide a video transport for a major statewide video network that connects universities, colleges, and secondary educational facilities for distance learning applications.

MBO Networks was in desperate need of a brand update, and the client needed an identity that communicated professionalism, tech savvy and experience. We crafted a logo that kept within the requested black/gray/red/white color palette, which was necessary to differentiate the company from their competitors. The design of the logo communicates movement, networking, fluidity and strength – and the font selected is feels more ‘techie’ in nature, to help support the modern and professional nature of the telecommunications company.

We transferred those same identity needs into the design of the website. The responsive design works great on larger and smaller mobile screens. We chose to highlight MBO Networks unique selling propositions by creating simple icons. When a user visits the site, they immediately know what differentiates the company from other rural telecommunication providers. The simple web form located directly underneath those icons enable the user to immediately begin a discussion with the company, which would ideally generate new business for them. We also created a unique service area map, that is in use both on the website and in printed materials.

We are proud of the result of the project, and would invite you to visit the newly launched website today.

DC_Small_MBOSMap DC_Small_MBOSite