Monarch Rope Logo • Houston, TX •

Monarch Rope of Houston, Texas provides rope access equipment and services for professional commercial, industrial and recreational climbing needs.

This project started a step before most of DayCreative’s projects. The team at Monarch Rope approached us not only about the design of their logo and website – but their company name as well. ‘Monarch’ is defined as ‘one who rules alone’; king/ruler; powerful overseer. We felt there was significant potential to visually create a strong, professional and eye-catching brand. ‘Monarch’ would aspire to be the best in the industry. A Monarch is a Guardian and is synonymous with themes of overseeing, coming alongside and strength – all values that the client wanted to communicate to his potential customers.

Once the name and URL were secured, we advanced to the design phase. Since the company specializes primarily in providing rope equipment, we chose a logo design that featured ‘rope-like’ features. After conversations with the client and researching their industry competition, we chose a color palette that would stand out when featured alongside those companies. We also chose a design that works well as a stand alone icon – which had the potential to be stamped on any of the equipment or future advertising/branding pieces.

From the logo design, we translated the design into a e-Commerce website design which not only highlighted the company – but enabled them to sell their products directly to their consumers. It features a responsive design, which seamlessly translates onto mobile and tablet screens. The last piece of the project was designing the business cards, which further extended the cohesive and unique logo and website designs.

We are very proud of the end result of this project, and invite you to visit the website today:

Monarch Rope Logo (2015) •
onarch Rope Logo (2015) •