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Norman Door and Plywood is a specialty lumberyard based out of Norman, Oklahoma. They specialize in the trim stage of new construction; from quality cabinet material and mouldings, to hardware for your cabinets.

We crafted an updated, unique identity that immediately separated Norman Door from their competitors. The logo also had a need for multiple usages – from shirts, hats, stickers, website and even a branding iron – so the design needed to be simple enough to transfer between the different media.

In addition to the logo and business card, the main problem the Norman Door team needed assistance in solving was presenting all of their various trim and door options to their new construction home owners. Utilizing our photography associate, we produced pictures of their lumberyard and all of their pieces. Their customers can easily visit their website and select not only their desired trim design, but their preferred wood type as well for inclusion of their new home. The custom pictures we produced of the lumberyard also provided a secondary benefit by supporting the custom brand we created. We used no stock photography, which allowed the client the total creative freedom to “set the tone” of their company’s visual image.

The client also had a need to easily communicate with their homebuilders regarding the current status of their on-site lumber deliveries, which unruly weather can disrupt in Oklahoma. We added an easy to read delivery status bar at the top of the website, which any of their builders could access on their phone, computer or tablet – and was something that the client could update very easily, as weather conditions changed.

Visit the Norman Door and Plywood website today.

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