Oklahoma Family Dentistry Website • DayCreative

Oklahoma Family Dentistry is the practice of Dr. Barrett Hall, and has locations in Tecumseh, Prague and Seminole, Oklahoma. As one can imagine with practices in small towns, Dr. Hall’s offices have a unique small town, family feel to them. Our main goal for this project was to reproduce that family atmosphere as authentically as possible. A direct quote from the website’s home page summarizes the mission of Oklahoma Family Dentistry best in saying, “Many Oklahomans living outside of our state’s large metro areas don’t have access to top-notch dental care and that’s one of the reasons we settled right here in central Oklahoma – we felt called to serve the needs of rural communities.”

Upon visiting their website, the first thing one notices is the friendly hygiene staff greeting you in a large, full-width image. We utilized custom photography throughout the site to really illustrate how friendly and welcoming this family environment is every day. It was important to Dr. Hall that a visitor to the website could easily contact their offices, so we placed their phone number in a few locations on the home page. We further designed a map and contact form directly on the home page to help clients easily interact with the clinic.

Statistics have shown that up to as many of 60% of a website’s traffic in 2014 access a website via their mobile device, so we designed this site with a responsive design which “responds” to the screen size of the computer, tablet or phone. This also makes it very easy for a patient to interact with the clinic. In fact, the phone number at the top of the home page, will call the clinic directly when touched on a smart phone. We also included more in-depth information that any potential patient could access, and even included the New Patient Forms that they could download and fill out in advance of their appointment, to reduce the time that they would be spending in the office.

We are really pleased with the polished design of the Oklahoma Family Dentistry website, and you can visit it for yourself here.