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Based in Norman, OK, Portion Healthcare Services is a start-up company in the medical consulting market. They offer legal nurse consulting, medical records review, home health and postpartum care.

In the initial design consultation, the Portion Healthcare team wanted to create a script-based logo that would stand out from the bland and generic designs of their competitors. The logo needed to work well on both light and dark backgrounds. The client also wanted a website that would be different from all of the white, blue and green color palettes of other existing healthcare websites. Their goal was to position themselves as a different kind of medical consulting company.

After the logo and business card design were finalized, we crafted a website that had a darker color palette. We chose to use subtle textures within the dark colors to add a touch of professionalism to the design. Each service of the company has its own page, and artistic black and white photography helps the design stand out. The Contact Us Page includes a simple web form for user interaction.

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