Prairie Wind Nursery Website • DayCreative

Situated just outside of the city limits of Norman, Oklahoma, Prairie Wind Nursery is a wholesale grower that specializes in regional herbs and plants for nurseries in the region.

The client understood the growth potential a website could offer his business. He just wasn’t sure how to begin the process. By partnering with him, DayCreative created a custom website that not only communicated information about his business, but also streamlined the inventory and ordering process.

Potential clients can sign up for access to his current inventory, and place orders directly through the website. He is also able to receive payment directly through a payment gateway. All he has to do now is fill and ship orders as they come into his email inbox. This enables the client to focus on what he does well (growing plants), and allows his business to scale organically through his website.

We designed a simple website, which allows visitors to easily access and order plants for their needs. See it for yourself at

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