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When the clients originally approached DayCreative about their app idea, we felt like the business model was the piece that would really set this company apart in the crowded and heavily competitive application marketplace. As we continued our conversations, we decided to use that very model as the main them in the design of the logo. The idea behind the app to create a real-time timeline, similar to twitter, that would highlight local restaurants, bars and venues events and daily specials. Additionally the company is committed to donating 10% of their profits to local non-profits.

Before we began designing the logo, we had to create the company name. We felt like this app felt very cyclical – in that users spend money at local venues, a portion of that money is donated back to their local community – which improves the community and attracts new inhabitants/users for the app…and the circle is complete. Using that cyclical idea, we created the name SFERIKAL, and landed on the unique spelling of the name as another differentiator in the competitive app marketplace.

Once we felt good about the name, we used that cyclical them and created the logo. Since a piece of the app would have a map feature, and would use ‘pins’ as markers for the user to see where participating venues were located, we also created the logo with an icon which looked like a location marker. The logo would also be used as an in-store marketing piece as the app began to build momentum.

DayCreative further created a few versions of business cards and a simple landing page to encourage pre-launch enrollments for users, venues and non-profits.


SFERIKAL Logo & Landing Page • Day Creative • DayCreative.net