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Stonebridge Construction is a company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels. In the often un-professional and shady residential construction and remodeling industry, our friends at Stonebridge Construction connected with us to help them stand out.

After speaking with our clients in depth and researching the existing competition, we felt like the real gem within the company was the ability to take their clients’ dreams and turn them into reality. There is a real intersection between their skill set and desires of their clients that we wanted to communicate in the design of the logo – and that is the concept behind the ‘S’ in the logo. The two lines that create the stylized ‘S’ are those two streams – the desire of the customer and the skill of the company.

Once the logo was finalized, we translated the design onto the website and business to serve as the foundational piece of the company branding. We even created a subtle repeating pattern of that stylized ‘S’ and used it across all of the pieces.

Check out the foil on the business card!

Stonebridge Construction Business Cards • Day Creative •
Stonebridge Construction Business Cards • Day Creative •