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Jim Friedemann is the Founder and President of Focal Point Consulting, LLC and has over 20 years experience in organizational development and leadership consulting. He is an executive coach who has helped dozens of leaders achieve their career and personal goals. Jim also trains and facilitates programs in Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Teambuilding, Adventure Education and other related topics.

Jim’s website and business cards were a few years old, and he was ready for a redesign. Using his existing logo design, we created an eye-catching vertical business card layout and used elements from his logo and color palette for his website. Amongst other interests, Jim is a communicator and teacher, and his website needed to allow for him to add fresh content for his clients and followers. Like all of our websites, we used the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to empower Jim to easily log into and add content from any web browser or tablet. The website also features a responsive design, which means his site looks great on both large and small screens.

Visit the Focal Point Consulting website today.

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