5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

It’s 2019 and if you haven’t noticed, social media has changed along with it’s algorithms. Influencers are on the rise and trends continue to evolve. So how do you leverage social media for your business without falling into some of the common pitfalls we’ve seen?

Let’s chat about some of the myths surround social media marketing.


Myth #1: Anyone in your business can manage your brand on social media.

While social media looks easy, it is not quite that simple. Throwing posts up here and there does not necessarily get the job done and in fact can hurt you in the long run. Remember, just like any other marketing, your presence on social is the first impression potential consumers experience. First impressions are always lasting impressions.


Myth #2: Other Marketing Initiatives Are More Important Than Social Media

There are many forms of marketing available today. From collateral marketing to print ads, interviews, conferences and trade shows appearances; you have the opportunity to meet and network with interested consumers. In our digital age, you are able to engage with a wider audience both locally and globally. Social media allows you to control the messaging and story of your brand exposed on a daily basis.


Myth #3: You Have to Be Present on All Social Media Platforms

While having an online presence is vastly important for your company, you need to know which platforms work for your business. Depending on your field or interest, some platforms will be more effective than others. A financial advisor may find LinkedIn and Twitter essential while Pinterest might not be as effective. An artist may leverage Instagram and Pinterest for their artwork and products.


Myth #4: The More You Post, The Better

Exposure is important when it comes to social media. However, so is engagement. Increased quantity of posts does not always equal increased engagement from your followers. In fact, it can have the opposite affect. Your engagement can drop drastically. Your constant posts can annoy followers to the point of unfollowing. The key is to have creative content that holds value to your audience. Instead of posting any time of the day, utilize analytic reports to engage active followers.


Myth #5: Facebook is a Dying Market

Many different platforms have been born and evolved over time. With so many trends today, it is easy to think that Facebook is a thing of the past. The truth is that according to Statista, a report from February 2019 showed that Facebook is still a predominant platform used by individuals between the age of 18-49. With that said, take the opportunity to invest and leverage ads.