Free Wins on Search for Your Business Online

Mar 13, 2020 | Google Analytics, SEO, Website

We’ve talked before about steps to capitalize on your business’s new website, and how to formulate a strategy for developing content, tracking leads, etc.

Just in case that’s a little overwhelming, we wanted to post about some simple, free options that exist that can help you get your business on the map, initially, and start things off.

One quick step is to claim your Google Local listing. When people do a search for “best thai food”, or any of a number of other services or goods, they generally type in what they’re looking for in Google, and scan ratings. If you have a brick and mortar location and want to grab some of this Google Local love, just  go to Google My Business and follow the steps. It will ask for your address, your hours, give you the opportunity to upload pics, and create your Google Local listing. Google will send you something to confirm you’re the owner, and once you do that, then you have your listing. You’ll have a link that can be sent to happy customers so that they can review your business, and once they do that, your ratings will be visible for searchers to see. (Having an email template to send to ask for reviews is a good idea; it makes it easy to follow up with customers in a standardized way). In 2020 the way many people do their homework when shopping for a service is to ask around and then…Google. Star ratings might seem silly, but it’s a quick way to make a big impact. And it’s free.

Another pocketbook-friendly solution is to take advantage of the free accounts Google offers for businesses. If you have access to the backend of your website look up the directions for setting up a free Google Analytics account  and follow the steps. This particular tool is valuable because of the power of the type of information it offers; knowing where your traffic is coming from helps you develop a strategy to grow it. You can set up the frequency of reporting that’s most valuable to you (daily, weekly, monthly) and act accordingly as the information comes in. The Google Search Console is another asset that’s free; it monitors search traffic to your site and when paired with Analytics, can be a vital component of success in targeting your online marketing.

If your business sector is one with online directories or specialized social channels, optimize your involvement. Sign up with indexes and organizations and make sure you have vibrant social media accounts. LinkedIn is key for businesses, and publishing short, industry-relevant posts can be a great engagement directive. Plus all your business’s social media postings will appear in search too. 

Hiring an agency like DayCreative to handle your social media and other content marketing is a great investment, but if you need a short term strategy until that’s affordable, getting your business on the map with some initial moves you can do yourself is totally feasible…and, best of all, free.