Brown’s Driving Schools


Oklahoma City Area, Oklahoma

Our Approach

Brown’s Driving School is a community institution; for more than twenty years they’ve provided quality, dependable driving instruction through four locations in the Oklahoma City and Norman metro areas. Their website desperately needed updating, and after trying (unsuccessfully) with other developers to include a scheduling application–an important element for their business model–they reached out to us for help.

We determined that the hosting platform was causing problems and guided the move to a new platform and engaged developers experienced with the technology specific to their needs. We were able to integrate COVID-19 changes into the app when those became necessary, and payment and all associated business housekeeping has been made easier and more streamlined.

After driving the app development, we were engaged to redesign the website, an endeavor that represents a lot of trust when a business is as established as Brown’s. We worked with them to design content that communicates the many details parents need to know about driving instruction while also guiding them through the various program options and retaining the element of history while providing an updated look.

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Duane Brown

Owner, Brown's Driving Schools