Stonewall Homes


Norman, Oklahoma

Our Approach

We’ve worked with Stonewall Homes in the past, designing folders, brochures, and leave-behinds for them, and when the opportunity came to work with them on standardizing the format of their blueprints, we welcomed the chance to help them refine their process. They send us the architect’s renderings, we outline them, put in the square footage, room dimensions, then format them so that they can be printed as fliers, and also digitized and put online.

When potential homeowners meet with them, they now have something to illustrate the vision and layout of the house. It’s a valuable piece in the onboarding process for them, and by using us as an art-department-for-hire, they are keeping continuity in their overall design operations.



“We have used DayCreative before and when it came time to renovate our look we knew where we needed to go. DayCreative puts out a quality product that we are proud to present to our customers. They are patient and work with you until you get it just right. They are our go to for all of our marketing material needs. “

Paul Thomas

Chief Operations Officer, Stonewall Homes