Thompson Pool & Patio


Norman, Oklahoma

Our Approach

One of the most highly community engaged businesses in the area, Thompson Pool and Patio does a great job of communicating with its customers. To help them continue that level of communication during a period of growth, we implemented our social media strategy, tools and posting assistance to extend their reach on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Using automated marketing and social media together to highlight products, show the store and market their annual sales calendar, they are now able to consistently increase the number of people who come into their retail store.

“As a small business owner there are a lot of different jobs that you have to do. There are some that come naturally and others that take a lot of time. When it comes to the changing landscape of advertising we found that there was just not enough time to do it justice.

That is why we partnered with Matt at Day Creative.  By listening to our needs and what our customers are looking for he can handle all of our online advertising. He comes up with other ideas that can really help to inform our customers and increase business. I highly recommend talking to Day Creative about YOUR business and see how they can help you too.”
Mike Thompson

Owner, Thompson Pool & Patio